Literally translated, Ayurveda means Science of Life’. It is an ancient and huge collection of wellness traditions which focus on preventive, curative, and rejuvenating aspects of healthcare.

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With its intense focus on physical, mental, and spiritual health, Ayurveda is the way towards prevention of ailments, cure, and sustainability of good health.

The Healers' Clinic

The Healers’ team is led by highly experienced holistic experts who hold a pluralistic and integrative approach to healthcare and wellbeing. Along with highly experienced professionals from the realms of traditional medicine, our team comprises experts from the fields of western biomedicine. Together, we design and administer a treatment regime which meets your individual and specific needs.



Refers to a cloth pouch filled with herbs or other medicinal ingredients, which is
applied over the affected part/s of the body. One form of kizhi uses medicinal leaves which are roasted, powdered, and then added to medicinal herbs. The combination is then cooked with other ingredients and tied up in a ‘kizhi’.


Uses a unique combination of Navara, a medicinal rice holding rejuvenating
properties, and medicinal herbs. Both are cooked together in buttermilk till the
concoction reaches a specific consistency. It is then tied up in a kizhi and applied over the body, externally. Kizhi is known to address neurological disorders, musculo-skeletal disorders, stiffness, inflammation, aches and pains.


A part of the traditional daily wellbeing regime, it involves massage of the body with traditional oils. It nourishes, heals, and strengthens the tissues and relieves stress. It also channelizes energy and facilitates removal of toxins.


Involves a cascade of a carefully prepared medicinal liquid or oil which is
administered over the forehead, in a steady flow, for a specific period. It is known to have a relaxing, soothing and calming effect on the mind and the body. It helps improve on the quality of sleep, chronic disorders of the skin and the scalp, auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, promotes and strengthens hair roots, and is highly effective in conditions arising from stress such as insomnia, chronic tiredness, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.


Is a part of the ayurvedic tradition in its classical way of managing diseases,
prevention, and rejuvenation. Being experts in ayurvedic cleansing, The Healers’
use unique combinations of Vasthi to cleanse you inside out and energize you.


Involves pooling of traditional herbal oils on specific areas of the spine. It is
prescribed in degenerative conditions of the spine which over a period, may result in muscular or neurological conditions.


Involves pooling of traditional herbal oils on the chest area. It is usually prescribed to strengthen intercostal muscles and the sternum or in cardiac and chronic lung conditions.


A therapy wherein traditional warm medicated oil is poured over the body in a
sequential manner. This is beneficial in chronic neuromuscular conditions,
degenerative conditions, in maintaining youthfulness and promoting healthy aging and rejuvenation.


A form of therapy for ear conditions such as impairment of hearing, vertigo,
tinnitus, ear wax and insomnia.


A therapy wherein medicated ghee blended with a herbal medicinal decoction is pooled over the eyes. It is beneficial in various conditions affecting the eye and is rejuvenating too.


Involves nasal application of herbs and medicated oils. It is one of the five
(Panchakarma) upper body cleansing therapies in Ayurveda. It is beneficial in
conditions of chronic sinusitis, hair and scalp disorders, neurological conditions, nose and throat disorders and depression.

Face and Skin care

When it comes to a beautiful exterior, we believe cleansing to be an inside-out process. We do this using absolutely natural products but we go beyond the ordinary to give you an invigorating, rejuvenating experience that enhances your physiological functions as well as your internal and external beauty.


Includes five procedures, where different medicines are used for different
procedures depending on the constitution of the individual. It is known to heal from the core and improve on alertness of the senses, stability of the body, efficacy of digestion and absorption and prolongation of healthy vital youthful life.


The science of understanding how our wellness expresses itself through our body. And wellness is much more than just the absence of an ailment.

What our clients have to say

Giacomo Catalano
Magnificent experience . First off how they are taking care of my case . The special care and time Doctor Hafeel and his team has dedicated to detect and to heal successfully my case The alignment of the most recent technology and the old Indian medicine the Ayurveda Really makes the difference
Jackie Bhagnani
Great experience at Healers clinic. They are so thorough and detailed and helped me out of a very tough health situation. The staff is fabulous and so caring.. the doctors are experienced and extremely knowledgeable
Mirjana Stanojevic
The Healers have saved my life, literally. Three years ago I suffered from constant and debilitating vertigo attacks, and the condition lasted for a few months. After I have tried all available options and treatments, I ended up feeling desperate, helpless and depressed, as I thought there was no cure or future for me... Luckily and by chance, I have heard about The Healers and decided to try them, even though I was a bit suspicious about the whole non-traditional concept. After a month of various treatments (some of them very unusual and unconventional), I felt completely cured and didn't have a single vertigo episode in the following three years. Recently I felt slight dizziness, went back to them, had another month of preventive treatments, and I am again back to normal. I would highly recommend The Healers team, not only for the excellent, professional, and life-changing treatments, but equally for the friendly, helpful, and very personal approach. Thank you Dr. Saya, and Dr. Hafeel. Thank you to Dessy, Mercy, Lajitha, Shaimy, and all the team!
Henna Mohnani
From the time you enter the clinic, you feel at ease and you know you will be taken care of very well. Dr. Hafeel and his entire team are the right people to help you with your holistic healing journey. I highly recommend the Healer’s’ clinic!
Aysen Gilroy
All the staff at the clinic are incredibly attentive and warm. Patient satisfaction is clearly a priority for everyone at the Healers Clinic. You feel you are in good hands and are treated by caring professionals.
Akhila b Nair
My digestive problems were making me bloat and feel heavy all the time. I wasn't able to relieve myself either and felt unhappy and incomplete. I asked The Healers' Clinic for colon cleansing, but after the detailed screening and consultation with the doctors, I realized that one colon cleanse was not going to cure me. I needed to detox my system and get into a digestive care health program. The Healers detox helped me do this. Along with ayurveda, and homeopathy, vitamin Infusions helped build and improve my immunity. Now I feel lighter and much healthier. I recommend the Healers Clinic highly, for detox and digestive care.

A few of our services:


Relieves pain. Ensures and enhances overall health and wellness


Nourishes, heals, and strengthens the tissues, relieves stress, and helps remove toxins.


Relaxes, soothes, and calms the mind. Helps manage insomnia, promotes and strengthens hair roots and assists in addressing hormonal imbalances.


A traditional cleansing procedure, to cleanse you inside out.


Improves metabolism and respiration, increases mobility, reduces stress, lowers fatigue, improves circulation, and softens the skin.


Refers to five ayurvedic and traditional cleansing procedures which involve medicated oils or concoction to heal you from the core, facilitate alertness of the senses, stability of the body, digestion etc.

The Healers’ team comprises experts from the fields of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, General Medicine, Yoga and Physiotherapy, who along with therapists, supervise each aspect of your wellbeing. Together, we design and administer a treatment-plan which meets your individual and specific requirements. Specially designed packages too are available!

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1-day program for the 50+

Flexibility, lightness, energy, and happiness are the yardsticks of health and wellbeing, as understood through ancient teachings. They are significant contributors to immunity and rejuvenation. The Healers’ have a unique program aimed at the 50+ age group, to bring back or maintain flexibility. It addresses a wide array of issues relating to middle age and pertaining to digestion, the muscles, nerves, and the mind. We offer in-depth personalized counselling with a great and caring team, to lead you through it. Please note that treatments or therapies at The Healers’ Clinic are supervised and/or administered by highly experienced medical professionals.

1-day detox

Aimed at an effective cleanse in a highly supervised environment, your journey starts with an advanced non-linear health assessment, or a detailed health check of your digestive system. Your detox day, based completely on your body’s specific needs, will be carefully planned by our expert physicians. We guide you through Ayurvedic therapies, a colon cleanse, yoga orientation and vitamin infusion for an energy-boost Please note that treatments or therapies at The Healers’ Clinic are supervised and/or administered by highly experienced medical professionals.

3-days proact detox and rejuvenation

Enjoy peaceful, de-stressing and refreshing three days complete with a full-body health check or our non-linear health screening, cleansing, detox, and energy boosting vitamin infusions to rejuvenate you. We have various programs on offer, and are here to serve you with our absolute best. Please note that the cost of this program includes VAT but excludes cost of prescribed medication and blood tests, if required. Also, if you are located away from Dubai, hotel accommodation, food and transportation would have to be arranged for. You could of course do this yourself or if you wish, we could share options basis a budget communicated by you. Do let us know! We have various programs on offer, and we are here to serve you with our absolute best. But we do recommend you go in for a custom-made plan to bring out your best. For more information, please connect with us. Please note that treatments or therapies at The Healers’ Clinic are supervised and/or administered by highly experienced medical professionals.

Detox in 1 to 4 weeks

Experience the difference just a week or four would bring. Starting with a full body health check or our non-linear health screening and a comprehensive consultation with our holistic and integrative experts, find yourself on a perfectly custom-made detox program which will change you inside-out. We have various programs on offer, and are here to serve you with our absolute best.

Please note that treatments or therapies at The Healers’ Clinic are supervised and/or administered by highly experienced medical professionals.