Do you struggle with daily discomfort and tension due to chronic constipation?

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At The Healers’ Clinic in Dubai, we understand the frustrating and often painful impact of constipation, which can even lead to tension headaches. Led by the renowned Dr. Hafeel and Dr. Saya, our holistic healing approach is designed to provide long-term relief by addressing the root causes of these issues.

Our Unique Approach

What sets The Healers’ Clinic Dubai apart is our unwavering commitment to holistic healing and gut health. We offer a comprehensive plan which includes a detailed cleansing process, a personalized diet, Ayurvedic treatments, specialised therapies like vasti, colon hydrotherapy, necessary Yoga practices, and a sustainable lifestyle plan.

Rediscover Gut Health

Our goal is to help you bid farewell to constipation, alleviate tension headaches, and rediscover optimal gut health. We believe in a holistic approach that doesn’t just provide temporary relief but empowers you to lead a life free from the discomfort of digestive issues.

Experience Holistic Healing in Dubai with Dr. Hafeel

Don’t let constipation control your life any longer. The Healers’ Clinic, led by Dr. Hafeel & Dr. Saya, is your pathway to a different life – one filled with holistic healing, lasting relief, and improved gut health. Discover how our integrative approach can make a significant difference in your life today, right here in Dubai.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Thank you with all my heart for all that you do. You have completely changed my entire life for better, and truly are angels on this earth.


Today, after a long time, I slept like a baby. Thank you so much.

Liliane Honein

Dr Saya and Dr Hafeel are miracle workers. They genuinely change your life by giving you the right tools to turn you into the best version of yourself. The Healers’ Clinic is my new second home.

Charlotte Moore

Dr Hafeel changed my life. From crying because of pain, and not having energy to even walk, to jumping in happiness like a gazelle, Dr Hafeel’s empathy, pateience and persistence helped in healing me. My treatment got me astonishing results. My most sincere respect and admiration is with Dr Hafeel and Dr Saya.

Christina Cabresas Artola

The minute we stepped into the clinic, everything started to change. It is not healing at the surface; it’s healing from the heart and from the top to the bottom.


Such a caring and sincere team! I trust Dr Saya and Dr Hafeel and after my treatment, I feel calm and relieved.

Lorna fatima Al otaiba

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