Axon Healer's Clinic Dubai


Nov 14 2022

Axon holds a Bachelors as well as a Masters degree in Yoga Therapy. He comes with a variety of experience in India, UAE, Egypt and Zanzibar where he has trained people from across geographies and cultures.

He is adept in various forms of Yoga including Classic, Yin, Yan, and Power. Also, his specialties include pre and post-natal yoga, geriatric yoga, Ashtanga yoga which is known to build flexibility and strength, Hatha yoga which is known to improve endurance, and Advanced yoga which also includes advanced meditation, asanas and pranayama – the science of breathing right.

Axon aspires to bring awareness on the importance of focus, inner peace and overall health and wellbeing. According to him, prevention, care and maintenance of health is the best gift to oneself.

Besides Yoga, Axon studies Psychology and Philosophy, enjoys football, loves sketching and likes to experiment with cuisine. Biking is a passion, and he is a firm believer in the contributions of exercise, wholesome diet, and adequate sleep, to good health.

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