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Yoga which symbolizes the union of the mind and body has its origins in India and was a gift of Rishi Patanjali 5000 years ago. As an intrinsic part of the healing and rejuvenation process of the human body, it has gained worldwide recognition.

Yoga does not refer just to meditation and/or exercise – it is a way of life, complete with discipline, balance, and self-control. It has been of great help in physical, mental, and spiritual development since ancient times, and it includes a huge array of breathing exercises, postures, and meditation techniques for all ages and fitness levels. Yoga has been observed to help address stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and high blood pressure. Alongside, it improves upon flexibility, energy, alertness, strength, balance, and overall wellbeing.

Yoga welcomes people of all ages and fitness levels and along with bringing peace and tranquility, it has been seen to be effective in issues including:

Key Benefits of Yoga

Yoga at The Healers’

Meditation for all ages

Improves upon energy levels Lowers stress Enables relaxation Reduce stress Assists in treating sleep disorders

Yoga for the corporates

Practise of yoga, meditation, with techniques like Trataka for eye strengthening and chair-yoga to enable exercise and stay calm and focused while at work: Improves upon energy levels, focus and concentration Strengthens Enhances productivity Improves upon breathing Lowers stress Enables...

Yoga for the sports enthusiasts

The active yoga flow: Improves upon focus and concentration Enhances flexibility Strengthens Improves upon breathing Lowers stress Enables relaxation

Yoga outdoors

Experience yoga in the inclusion of nature. Plan will be designed to suit your individual and specific needs.

Yoga at home

Experience yoga in the comfort and familiarity of your home. Plan will be designed to suit your individual and specific needs.

Couple Yoga

Focuses on each physical and emotional level of existence. The physical stretches aim at flexibility and strengthening while meditation and breathing exercises bring peace, came and stability to the mind.

Group Yoga

Along with adapting to, learning, and practicing inclusion, yoga in a group sets focus on each physical and emotional level of existence. The physical stretches aim at flexibility and strengthening while meditation and breathing exercises bring peace, came and stability...

Therapeutic yoga

Supports in cases including: Stress Depression Anxiety Back pain Musculoskeletal disorders Diabetes High blood pressure Parkinson's Asthma Alzheimer's Obesity Insomnia Arthritis Osteoporosis

Pre and post-natal Yoga

This starts and continues at a slow and steady pace, focusing on learning breathing techniques and practicing breathing exercises. Besides bringing peace and calm to the mind, it assists in strengthening the entire body, including abdominal core muscles, hip, and...

Yoga for children

Along with developing an awareness to the body, yoga helps build flexibility and physical strength. It inculcates discipline and responsibility, builds self-esteem or confidence, and improves upon attention-span and focus.

Advanced yoga

Advanced level of yoga goes at a very fast pace and the poses are highly challenging. With an advanced level of breathing exercises and meditation, extreme flexibility and stability are the achievable effect.

Yoga for beginners

Start with gentle yoga to improve mental and physical wellbeing through basic poses and movements.

Intermediate level yoga

Intermediate yoga: faster pace, challenging poses, deep breathing, improved strength, flexibility.

Among several other specialties, Yoga at The Healers’ is known for its expertise on:

What Our Clients Have to Say

Magnificent experience .

First off how they are taking care of my case .

The special care and time Doctor Hafeel and his team has dedicated to detect and to heal successfully my case

The alignment of the most recent technology and the old Indian medicine the Ayurveda
Really makes the difference

Giacomo Catalano

Great experience at Healers clinic. They are so thorough and detailed and helped me out of a very tough health situation. The staff is fabulous and so caring.. the doctors are experienced and extremely knowledgeable

Jackie Bhagnani

The Healers have saved my life, literally.
Three years ago I suffered from constant and debilitating vertigo attacks, and the condition lasted for a few months. After I have tried all available options and treatments, I ended up feeling desperate, helpless and depressed, as I thought there was no cure or future for me…
Luckily and by chance, I have heard about The Healers and decided to try them, even though I was a bit suspicious about the whole non-traditional concept.
After a month of various treatments (some of them very unusual and unconventional), I felt completely cured and didn’t have a single vertigo episode in the following three years.
Recently I felt slight dizziness, went back to them, had another month of preventive treatments, and I am again back to normal.
I would highly recommend The Healers team, not only for the excellent, professional, and life-changing treatments, but equally for the friendly, helpful, and very personal approach.
Thank you Dr. Saya, and Dr. Hafeel. Thank you to Dessy, Mercy, Lajitha, Shaimy, and all the team!

Mirjana Stanojevic

From the time you enter the clinic, you feel at ease and you know you will be taken care of very well. Dr. Hafeel and his entire team are the right people to help you with your holistic healing journey. I highly recommend the Healer’s’ clinic!

Henna Mohnani

All the staff at the clinic are incredibly attentive and warm. Patient satisfaction is clearly a priority for everyone at the Healers Clinic. You feel you are in good hands and are treated by caring professionals.

Aysen Gilroy

My digestive problems were making me bloat and feel heavy all the time. I wasn’t able to relieve myself either and felt unhappy and incomplete. I asked The Healers’ Clinic for colon cleansing, but after the detailed screening and consultation with the doctors, I realized that one colon cleanse was not going to cure me. I needed to detox my system and get into a digestive care health program. The Healers detox helped me do this. Along with ayurveda, and homeopathy, vitamin Infusions helped build and improve my immunity. Now I feel lighter and much healthier. I recommend the Healers Clinic highly, for detox and digestive care.

Akhila b Nair

I just got back from my first visit and the entire time I was thinking that this is what every doctors office in the world should be like. The environment is healthy and rejuvenating like a spa, but the staff and procedures are professional like a hospital. The result is you get world-class service from doctors trained in both Eastern and Western medicines in a way that feels healthy. They also diagnosed a problem that I’ve had for four years and no other doctor has been able to explain it to me. I feel amazing after going just one time and I look forward to the long term benefits of following up with the new lifestyle plan they left me with! Thank you to the whole staff for an incredible experience. See you back soon!

Clark Varin

Thank you Healer’s Clinic for taking extra care of me. I am taking a 10 day rejuvenating program and I’ve never felt better. Definitely coming back!!!

Ayesha Al Fardan

I had a wonderful experience at Healers Clinic Dubai, Dr. Hafeel, Dr. Saya & their entire team was very kind and professional in their approach & care given to me during my visit. For the 1st time in my entire life I have never felt like being in a hospital / clinic because of the resort like ambience they have created, the vibe of the clinic, the hygiene, service, care is truly world class with a magical touch. I am very impressed by the care given to me as much other VIP clients who visit them, I am planning to go back soon to Healers Clinic Dubai for a complete health check were they use the latest modern technology and holistic approach which is very unique so that the diagnosis will be accurate. I like their motto “Prevention is better than cure” . Thank you team Healers for all the love and care. Kind regards, AJ 🙏

Ajit James

I brought my 7 month old son here and they were so attentive and helpful. My son ended up needing surgery to fix the issue but these two doctors did everything in their power to come up with solutions. I’m thankful I found them because they gave me hope during a trying time. If you’re looking for answers and need an alternative path, I can’t recommend them enough. You’ll be assigned a nurse who you’ll have direct contact with throughout, great experience overall. Thank you so much. All the best.

Dina Fa