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Benefits of walking bare foot

Oct 22 2021

If overall fitness is the goal, ways to do it are many, the simplest being walking.

Walking is one of the primary gaits of legged animals. And it is known to be the best aerobic activity ever – its low impact too, so it does not bring any harm to the joints or muscles. It improves your circulation, wards off heart ailments, helps reduce blood pressure, strengthens your muscles, helps you lose or maintain your weight and if this is not enough, it works wonders on your mood too.

A form of walking is doing it barefoot. Have you tried it?

  • Walking barefoot helps the muscles and fascia learn to measure, plan and absorb the impact.
  • It helps the body decide for itself how much impact and momentum is needed for it to meet the purpose.
  • Sensory nerves too are involved in this activity. Proprioception is the ability and awareness of the body to perceive its position – an example is touching your nose with eyes closed.
  • Walking barefoot helps improve proprioception. It also helps improve the arch of the foot, improves circulation and helps improve your gait and stability of the joints and ligaments.


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Benefits of walking bare foot