Homeopathy is the gentlest form of medicine known to mankind and it can be administered safely to babies, mothers, and pregnant women. It was conceived three centuries ago in Germany and is used by millions worldwide, to treat various acute as well as chronic conditions. It works on the philosophy of respecting the body’s wisdom to protect and heal itself, which is facilitated by tiny amounts of nature-based medications in a potent form – an infinitesimal dose heals and balances the system by working with body’s vital force, from within.

Homeopathy does not focus only on the affected area or part of the body but treats the entire system that makes the individual. It is said that homeopathic physicians seek to cure their patients on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

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Homeopathy in Dubai

Homeopathy - An Overview

Discovered in Germany more than 200 years ago by Dr. Hahnemann, a German physician, Homeopathy is a well-proven therapeutic science. It is one of the most popular and sought-after systems of alternative medicine. It is a natural system of medicine that respects the wisdom of the body and emphasizes balancing and harmonizing the healing capacity of the body, following nature’s laws of healing.

Homeopathic Healing - Fundamental Principles and Concepts

Homeopathy encompasses the science and art of healing, applying the Law of Similia – ‘Like cures like’. Homeopathy uses medicine from natural sources in minimal doses. In the fourth century BC, Hypocrites wrote, “Through the like, disease is produced and through the application of the like, it is cured.”

Later, Dr. Hahnemann recognized and developed a definite therapeutic system grounded in nature’s law of cure. “Any substance that can produce the totality of symptoms in a healthy human being can cure that totality of symptoms in a sick human being”, stated Dr. Hahnemann.

Advantages of Choosing Homeopathy

As homeopathic healers use medicine derived from the plant and mineral kingdoms, it is known for its safety and nontoxicity. Dr. Hahnemann has stated that medicines should be simple and should be administered in minimum doses. When this is done, the tiny but potent dose gently triggers the self-healing mechanism of the body.

Homeopathic medicines are safe, have no known side effects, and can be prescribed to pregnant women, infants, and the elderly. An infinitesimal dose of homeopathic medicine not only cures ailments without undesirable side effects but also results in sustainable improvement from a wider perspective.

Homeopathy in Dubai
Homeopathy in Dubai

The Healers’ Approach to Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy at The Healers’ is holistic in nature and highly individualized in its approach. A homeopath treats the patient, not the disease. An attempt is made to evaluate any problem in the context of the whole and complete person – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and to understand the basic imbalance.

Homeopathic philosophy states that if the organism is brought back into balance, the symptoms of the disease and the disease itself will consequently resolve. Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathy in Dubai does not suppress a medical condition. Instead, treatment is given to correct the root cause of the illness.

Things to Know During a Typical Homeopathic Treatment Process

Homeopathic medicines, which work at the dynamic energy level, may be given as liquids, powders, or tiny sugary pills or tablets. In Dubai, homeopathy can help you achieve a resilient state of health that goes well beyond being merely symptom-free. Homeopathy believes in a well-balanced human being who can shrug off any kind of stress – physical, mental, emotional, or environmental.

While on homeopathic treatment and medication in Dubai, it is best to avoid strong flavors such as mint and stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes.

  • It is advisable to be on a light and normal diet regimen.
  • Homeopathic medicines should be stored away from direct and strong sunlight, high temperatures, and exposure to strong odors such as camphor, menthol, or perfumes.
  • The medicines should be held in the container they have been supplied in and not transferred to any other bottle that contained other substances previously.
  • If the medicine is in the form of globules, it would help to remember that six globules make one dose, unless specified otherwise by the doctor.
  • If it is in the form of tablets, two tablets make a dose, unless specified otherwise by the doctor. The dosage of medicines in the form of drops will be specified by the doctor.
  • Globules should be poured into the lid of the bottle and then placed directly into the mouth, avoiding contact with the fingers. The globules or pills, are to be left to dissolve under the tongue.
  • One should be careful not to contaminate the cap or cork of the medicine holder.

The Healers’ Clinic is a homeopathic centre, home to the best homeopathy doctor in Dubai. If you are looking for holistic healing of your body and mind, give us a call, and we will help you achieve your best health.


Homeopathy is the gentlest form of medicine known to mankind. It was conceived three centuries ago in Germany and is used by millions of people worldwide to treat acute as well as chronic conditions.
Homeopathy does not focus only on the affected area or a part of the body but treats the entire system that makes the individual. Homeopathy heals and balances the entire system by working from within.
Normally, most treatments are covered by insurance. However, as this service does not fall into the critical medical care category, whether or not it would be covered by insurance depends on your insurance provider and your specific plan. We will certainly provide you with the claim forms though.
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