Ayur-Physio at The Healers’ is a unique blend of traditional healing methodologies and modern science-backed ones.

Along with assisted stretching and exercises which are integral aspects of physiotherapy, Ayur-Physio includes various time tested Ayurveda therapies. A highly skilled team led by Ayurveda physicians and physiotherapists, administers the unique treatments which are custom-made to meet your specific requirements.

Ayur-Physio is beneficial in chronic health conditions of the muscles, nerves, and joints.

A few of the maladies we support effectively are:

Ayur-Physio in Dubai

The Healers' Clinic

The Healers’ team comprises highly experienced professionals from the realms of traditional medicine as well as western biomedicine. The team is led by holistic experts holding an integrative and pluralistic approach towards healthcare and overall wellbeing. Together, we design and administer a treatment plan for you that meets your individual and specific requirements.


AyurPhysio is a combination of well researched Ayurvedic treatment techniques and modern Physiotherapy, wherein you are assisted by our multi specialist team. It is a fast but sustainable solution towards healing.
AyurPhysio is a combination of Ayurvedic treatment techniques and modern Physiotherapy, which is known to fast-track rehabilitation. Physio exercises treat musculoskeletal disorders and help relieve joint or muscular pains.
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