Jun 13 2021

How would you suggest I help my daughter if I suspect she has an issue with binge eating?

Eating unusually large amounts of food over a short period is known as binge eating.

Eating when you are not hungry or even when you are already full and eating until your uncomfortably full is also part of the problem.

A holistic and understanding approach is the most effective way to address this issue.

Many people who suffer from binge-eating disorder feel negative about themselves. They also don’t acknowledge their skills, achievements and accomplishments.

Stress, poor self-image, both physical and personality-wise, are also usually an underlying part of this issue.

The inability to cope with stress is also a major issue, particularly during adolescence. If you think you don’t have symptoms, we suggest you can have an open and honest conversation with her about your concerns. Provide encouragement and unconditional support.

Remember, there is a good chance your child could be hiding their favourite snacks from you.

Slow progress towards regular eating habits is the most effective treatment. We would suggest that your management program should involve controlling the food you store at home and purchase as well as introducing an open eating culture in your family and that your daughter participates in the process.

Let all this change start with a meal plan (with regular intervals and measures) that you discuss with your daughter. Offer lots of choice and variety of whole foods, vegetables and fruits. We also would recommend consulting your GP, in case a medical evaluation is necessary.

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