Blessed Eid ul-Fitr

May 14 2021

It means that the occasion of breaking the fast. The day stands for expressing feeling to the almighty Allah for all that we have. It’s believed that Muslims were commanded by Allah to continue fast until the end of the day of Ramadan. As, per the Holy book, Quran, devotees should donate the charity(zakat al-Fitr) before offering the prayers for Eid.

Importance of Eid

This festival was started by the messenger, prophet Muhammad. Certain traditions believe it is the holy month of the Ramadan when Holy book of Muslims (Quaran) is launched & the origination of medina after the prophet migrated from Mecca. Traditionally, the day begins at sunset on the night of the primary observance of the crescent moon. It’ll begin in the evening and end on the evening of Eid-day (the next day). This pageant marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-dusk fasting of Ramadan. Muslims worldwide celebrate the festival in the month of Shawwal.

Wearing New Clothes and Offering Prayers

The first thing that Muslims do on this day is getting ready in the morning and wear new clothes&Eid-ul-Fitr incorporates a sure Islamic prayer that’s mostly performed in the associated open field or giant hall. It’s performed in congregation, though social distancing is usually recommended by specialists amid the pandemic, women prepare exotic dishes like lachcha or sivayyan, made with toasted sweet vermicelli noodles mixed with milk and dry fruits, biryani, Haleem etc.

Meeting and acknowledgement Friends and Relatives

Once the prayers are done, Muslims greet one another and that they don’t celebrate the festival solely with their families even with neighbourhood too and relatives likewise. you may realize giant communal gatherings here and there and folks share gifts too with their friends and relatives that day.

Wishing you a blessed Eid from all of us at The Healers’s Clinic.



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Blessed Eid ul-Fitr