Colon cleansing and precautions

Mar 17 2021

Cleansing the Colon is vital to maintaining good health

Most diseases have their roots in the digestive system and the role of the Colon is crucial. Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle and effective way of cleansing your Colon using water, to prevent the accumulation of toxic waste and to promote the absorption of nutrients. It helps resolve constipation, bloating, irregular or irritable bowel behaviour, skin conditions and allergies. It also hydrates your large intestine and rids you of undesirable issues.

Before the procedure, a careful evaluation of the individual’s health is done by a qualified practitioner. Factors such as constipation, irregular diet, lack of intestinal bacteria, lack of regular exercise and a naturally dry colon wall are contributors to the accumulation of toxic waste in the Colon in most individuals. Colon Hydrotherapy takes out the faecal matter and the associated toxins naturally and effectively.

While we learned about the benefits of colon cleansing, we also need to know what precautions we need to take care of when opting for colon cleansing. As mentioned in all our posts, always get the procedures or therapies done only from #authentic, well-trained professionals. It is increasingly important to know where you can get the services of genuine #ayurvedic specialists as there are many places where people claim to be professionals but do not grasp even the basics.

What are the possible risks of not doing colon cleansing the right way?

Colon cleansing procedure is not risk-free unless done with utmost accuracy as it comes with some possible complications like

  • It can give rise to dehydration, as during the procedure, only waste does not get disposed of, but also, a quantitative amount of fluid leaves the body
  • If not done properly, colon cleansing can cause nutrient imbalance in the body
  • Chances of good bacteria getting removed and harmful bacteria entering the body increase
  • The vast amount of fluid sent to the rectum can tear the wall of the lower intestine. This condition is known as bowel perforation. It is a concerning health condition that requires immediate medical attention

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Colon cleansing and precautions