Skin Disorders

Twak – Sanskrit word for skin – is the first to reflect a change when any Dhaatu (tissue) gets affected.

Most disorders or diseases begin in the gut. The skin and the digestive tract are inter-related –they share a relationship known as the gut-skin axis and hence, along with overall health, gut microbiome or the bacteria found in the intestines, influences the skin too. Simply put, an unhealthy gut always shows up on the skin.

Although manifestations and symptoms of a healthy or an unhealthy gut are plenty, the skin is a great tool to figure out what’s happening in there.

If you aim for healthy complexion, along with diet which is a very important factor, hydration, exercise, and rest are equal contributors.

It is a known fact that along with fiber-rich foods, fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, and wholegrains are great for health. Garlic, onions, and fermented foods may not be a favorite with many, but they are known to help gut bacteria. Processed, fried, overly spiced or spicy foods of course are a no-no. Sudden or prolonged exposure to extreme or constantly changing climatic conditions or even to polluted environments too is detrimental.

Stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep do not do any good to anything, including the skin. Instead of indulging in these low phases, it helps to be aware that mostly, it’s the thought that carries the most weight – to allow it to ruin the moment or not is a choice which is ours to make though.

Lastly, there’s nothing like exercise! Not only does it promote and aid metabolism and digestion, but the sweat also cleans up those skin-pores!

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The Healers’ Clinic, a holistic and integrative healthcare facility, comprises a team of experts from the realms of traditional as well as modern medicine. We blend traditional healing methodologies with modern and scientific approaches, to design custom-made treatment plans which suit individual and specific needs.

Along with Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy which are ancient, time-tested, safe and effective healing methodologies, The Healers’ specialize in colon-hydrotherapy, a therapeutic procedure which enables a complete colon-cleanse ensuring removal of accumulated waste. The treatment is delivered by highly experienced healthcare professionals ensuring enhancement of nutritional absorption, elimination of dangerous bacteria, leaving you feeling lighter, cleaner, and rejuvenated.

With a blend of traditional with the modern, The Healers’ ensure sustainable improvement by way of slight modifications in diet, lifestyle and self-care methods.

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Skin Disorders