Is Your Child Allergic to eggs?

Jun 06 2021

Excess source of quality protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids. Their role in providing disease-fighting nutrients such as lutein has given eggs an important place in nutrition, especially for growing children. So, yes, it is important to find a suitable alternative if a child is allergic to eggs.

Yoghurt and tofu can be a good replacement. Green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale), Orange-yellow vegetables (carrots), clarified butter (ghee), fresh butter and cottage cheese can also be substituted.

Ghee made from cow’s milk can improve eyesight and help in the development of the brain and memory. Here is what Ayurveda has to say about the qualities of ghee:

  1. It is good for eyesight, equally beneficial to both young and old
  2. Good for those desirous of a healthy life span
  3. Good for strength, good complexion, nourishment, lustre, core strength, memory, intelligence
  4. Aids in good digestion and proper functioning of sense organs

With its qualities, we can feel the gap that the lack of eggs creates in your child’s menu.

Also, an allergy to eggs, if acquired, needs to be checked and confirmed by a specialist whether it applies to all types of eggs. We have seen people allergic to only yolk or white, or only to chicken eggs.


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Is Your Child Allergic to eggs?