Beauty and rejuvenation

Oct 12 2022

The Healers’ is led by experts with more than two decades of experience in holistic and integrative medicine. We believe that beauty starts from the inside!


Walk in. And go back as a new invigorated you. Cleopatra is a blend of age-old natural recipes improved through a modern approach. Designed for you, keeping in mind that each day is special. Indulge yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Aphrodite

This two-day, quick, and natural program is designed to enhance your physiological functions, your internal and external beauty. Walk in and go back glowing.

  • Hygeia

Hygeia is a wellness-oriented detox and rejuvenation program. It involves a short-term but detailed cleanse with adequate rejuvenation, all in just a week.

Please note that treatments or therapies at The Healers’ Clinic are supervised and/or administered by highly experienced medical professionals.

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Beauty and rejuvenation