Reshape in 8 to 28 days

Oct 12 2022

Enjoy a peaceful, destressing and refreshing time complete with a full-body health check or our non-linear health screening, cleansing, detox, and energy boosting vitamin infusions to rejuvenate you.

Please note that the cost of this program includes VAT but excludes cost of prescribed medication and blood tests, if required. Also, if you are located away from Dubai, hotel accommodation, food and transportation would have to be arranged for. You could of course do this yourself or if you wish, we could share options basis a budget communicated by you. Do let us know!

We have various programs on offer, and we are here to serve you with our absolute best. But we do recommend you go in for a custom-made plan to bring out your best. For more information, please call us.

Please note that treatments or therapies at The Healers’ Clinic are supervised and/or administered by highly experienced medical professionals.

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Reshape in 8 to 28 days