Ramadan Recipes From Around The Globe

May 04 2021

The sunrise-to-sunset fasting for the month officially begins on the first night when the new crescent moon is visible. With a month’s worth of Ramadan meals to prepare, try varying your menus with these international recipes.

Algerian Chakchouka
Chakchouka is a delicious Middle Eastern and North African dish made with eggs, tomatoes, and spices. Tunisia, a country on the northern African coast bordered by Algeria and Libya, is where the dish originated. Later, the dish gained popularity in other parts of Africa.

Indonesian and Malaysian Curry Prawns
A powerful and flavorful curry prawns seasoned with amazing spices will make you want more. This is a Ramzan specialty, but it is available throughout the year in these two countries.

Shorbat adas is a very comforting dish that is high in nutrients and is commonly served during Ramadan in the Middle East. It is a soup made with green or brown lentils and main ingredients such as olive oil, spinach, chard, or cardoon, lemon, and cumin. It is served with pita bread or za’atar spiced pita croutons, which are both delicious. The Shorbat adas soup is a nutritious and simple Ramzan dish.

If you’ve ever been to the UAE, chances are you’ve had this meal, which can be found in almost any restaurant. Arabic Harees is a Ramzan special dish made with meat or chicken and beaten wheat, seasoned with spices and olive oil. It’s a cinch to make and one of the best iftar dishes you’ll find here.

Chicken and Rice Soup
Fingerling potatoes, vermicelli noodles, chicken broth, and tomatoes are the main ingredients in this chicken and rice soup. When all of the ingredients are combined, you get a large bowl of healthy food that is also delicious. In Morocco, this is a popular iftar dish.

Which one would you try?








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Ramadan Recipes From Around The Globe