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Abhyanga 7 sessions

Abhyanga could be referred to as the preparation of the body for Panchakarma, which involves major cleansing. It is a part of the daily wellbeing regime and involves massage of the body with customized and traditional oils.

Elements of Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic context, Kizhi refers to a cloth bag filled with herbs or other ‘cooked’ medicinal ingredients, which is then applied over the body. One form of this therapy uses medicinal leaves which are roasted and powdered, then are added to medicinal herbs. The combination is then cooked with other ingredients and tied up in a ‘kizhi’. In Navarakizhi, The Healers’ use a specific combination of medicinal rice (Navara) having rejuvenating properties, and medicinal herbs. Both are cooked together in buttermilk till the concoction reaches a specific consistency. It is then tied up in a kizhi and is applied over the body, externally. Kizhi is known to address neurological disorders, musculo-skeletal disorders, stiffness, inflammation, aches and pains.

Navarakizhi is a rejuvenating modality of Ayurveda, which has strong roots in the Kerala lineage. It is beneficial in neuro-muscular and skeletal disorders. It strengthens the tissues and is an important part of the healthy-ageing treatment in Ayurveda. Here, the body is warmed up with special and carefully chosen combinations of milk and organic red rice which has rich medicinal qualities. Its long-term effects on skin regeneration are also very popular. Application of Navarakizhi follows Abhyanga which involves a massage of the body with carefully chosen oils of therapeutic effect. Ayurveda experts usually use this clinically while addressing hypertension, rheumatism, circulatory disorders, emaciation, and early degenerative disorders.

Abhyanga is a part of the daily wellbeing regime and involves massage of the body with customized and traditional oils. It nourishes, heals and strengthens the tissues and relieves stress. It also channelizes energy and helps prepare the body for removal of toxins.

Shirodhara involves a cascade of a carefully chosen and prepared liquid or oil which is administered over the forehead, in a steady flow, for a specific period. It is known to have a relaxing, soothing and calming effect on the mind and the body. It helps improve on the quality of sleep, chronic disorders of the skin and the scalp, Auto-Immune Disorders, hormonal imbalances, promotes and strengthens hair roots, and is highly effective in conditions arising from stress such as insomnia, chronic tiredness, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.

Vasthi is a part of the Ayurvedic tradition in its classical way of managing diseases, prevention and rejuvenation. It is designed considering both – an individual’s requirement and the physician’s experience. Being experts in Ayurvedic cleansing, The Healers’ use specific combinations of Vasthi to cleanse you inside out and energize you.

Kativasthi involves pooling of traditional and herbal oils on the back region, on specific areas of the spine. It is prescribed in degenerative conditions of the spine which over a period, may result in muscular or neurological conditions.

Urovasthi involves pooling of traditional and herbal oils on the chest area. It is usually prescribed to strengthen intercostal muscles and the sternum or in cardiac and chronic lung conditions.

Pizhichil is a form of treatment where traditional warm and medicated oil is poured all over the body in a sequential manner. This is beneficial in chronic neuro muscular conditions, degenerative conditions, in maintaining youthfulness and promoting healthy ageing and rejuvenation.

Karnapuram is a form of treatment for ear conditions such as impairment of hearing, vertigo, tinnitus, ear wax and insomnia.

Tharpanam is a treatment for the eyes where liquid medicines in the form of ghee mixed with herbal decoctions are pooled over the eyes. It is beneficial in various conditions that affect the eye and is a rejuvenating treatment too.

Nasyam involves nasal application of herbs, medicated oils and decoctions. It is one of the 5 (Panchakarma) upper body cleansing therapies in Ayurveda. It is beneficial in conditions of chronic sinusitis, hair and scalp disorders, neurological conditions, nose and throat disorders and depression.

Face and Skin care – When it comes to a beautiful exterior, we believe cleansing to be an inside-out process. We do this using absolutely natural products but we go beyond the ordinary to give you an invigorating, rejuvenating experience that enhances your physiological functions as well as your internal and external beauty.

Panchakarma includes 5 procedures, where different medicines are used for different procedures depending on the constitution of the individual. It is known to heal from the core and improve on alertness of the senses, stability of the body, efficacy of digestion and absorption and prolongation of healthy vital youthful life.

Prakriti counselling – Ayurveda sees the universe as a combination of five elements which are the foundation of all living organisms. Non-living things too are based on the same five elements but in material combinations. Prakriti is the science of understanding how our wellness expresses itself through our body. And wellness is much more than just the absence of an ailment.

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Abhyanga 7 sessions