DR.saya Healer's Clinic Dubai


Jun 30 2022

Dr. Saya is a holistic medicine physician with Asia’s largest, Government Homeopathy Medical College, Calicut – as her alma mater. Her extensive training in non-linear diagnostics and holistic healthcare contributes to her strong and stable foundation.

It is a matter of personal pride that during her association with FRLHT (Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions), she was instrumental in the research and study of Indian medicinal plants used in homeopathy.

Healing is an art which evolves from within – it cannot be assessed by a set of standards nor can it be standardized to fit into the realm of modern science. Dr. Hahnemann’s Oragon of Medicine  is Dr. Saya’s bible, and the first four Aphorisms, her rule book. She believes that one has to be destined to heal.

Dr. Saya is a beautiful soul, both inside and out. She is blessed with an ability to intuitively connect with people at a deeper level. Combining her ability to heal, with the principles of homeopathy, enables Dr. Saya to get beyond symptoms and to the root causes of ailments.

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