Jun 20 2021

Are there any changes I can make to my diet to help reduce insomnia?

It is hard to fall asleep or maintain your sleep if you have insomnia. It affects your energy levels and causes many health issues. Insomnia can also reduce your performance at work and cause and an overall reduction in your quality of life in chronic cases.

Foods directly linked with insomnia are few. Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients that affect sleep.

Consider avoiding the following from your diet, especially towards evening: Protein bars, caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, commercial yoghurt, ice cream, herbal teas with complex mixtures, energy drinks, sparkling waters, bottled drinks and sugary food.

Fruits that are highly sweet and acidic should be avoided in the evening. Ayurveda suggests that any foods that are very dry, pungent in taste and fermenting (slow-digesting) should be avoided as they may worsen insomnia

Eating too much in the evening has been found to interfere with sleep patterns, so limit your meals to something light and easily digestible.

Soups, a small amount of sautéd vegetables and bowl recipes are excellent examples.

Large meals in the evening are also associated with heartburn or hyperacidity.

I would recommend milk – especially buffalo milk – as a remedy to sleeplessness. Nutmeg in small doses is also a food that is mentioned in Ayurveda treatment of sleeplessness. Relaxing rituals are also an important part of managing insomnia. I usually advise warm showers, light reading and soft music as a pre-bedtime ritual. #AskDrHafeel#askthedoc

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