Are you Diabetic? See what The Healers’ can do for you

Call us for an appointment +971-4-3855677

Are you Diabetic? See what The Healers’ can do for you

Call us for an appointment +971-4-3855677

Are you Diabetic? See what The Healers’ can do for you

Call us for an appointment +971-4-3855677

Fundamentals at The Healers


Deep Cleanse, Detox Diet, Ayur-Cleanse, Cakra Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse, Colon Hydrotherapy, Liver Detox Herbal Enema.


Healing authentic herbs homeopathy & natural supplements, special support for chronic ailments of…


Disease induced debility, chronic tiredness, stress induced debility and post and prenatal care. Healthy aging…


Round the year ProAct care, regular diet programs, seasonal care, sustainable health solutions, Yoga for daily life..


Dr. Hafeel Ambalath

Ayurvedic Physician, CEO

Dr Ambalath is a fourth generation Ayurvedic physician who, in addition to formal qualifications and extensive clinical experience, carries with him an extremely valuable family legacy – a unique experiential and accumulated knowledge on Ayurveda, passed down over generations. A visionary and researcher in the field of integrative care, has spent his last two decades of professional life in bridging sciences in health care.

Dr. Saya Pareeth

Homeopath, Medical Director

Dr Pareeth is a Holistic Medicine physician. Blessed with an ability to intuitively connect with her clients at a deeper level, Dr. Pareeth combines an innate ability to heal, with the principles and practice of homeopathy, supported by state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as non-linear screening. This enables her to get beyond symptoms, to the root causes of ailments.

Dr. Javairia Hassan

General Physician

“The most crucial step towards Healing is having the right diagnosis”

A highly competent and motivated General Practitioner with over 4 years of experience across various specialities. Dr. Javairia’s clinical interests include Women’s Health, Gynaecology, Digestive Care, Paediatrics & Acute Illness.

Mercy Burgos

Head of Nursing & Quality Standards

Ms. Mercy is the most experienced nurse in integrative care in the region. She has done thousands of colon hydrotherapies, specialized enemas and clinically supervised enormous amount of alternative therapies in her one and half decade long experience. Nothing can replace her professional ethics, passion and high standards of care.

"Aude sapre" - Dare to Be Wise!! Invest in your Health

Get your regular Health Checks

To make sure you are on track, regular Health Checks are absolutely essential. At The Healers’, we make sure all necessary tests are carried out to the fullest.

"Service" your body with detox

Nothing like a detox to cleanse your body of Toxins, speed up your metabolism and “overhaul” your health.

Plan your Diet

We customize your meals to suit your lifestyle, palate and wellness needs.

Enrol for a Family Health Plan

Stay ahead of potential health risks with our Family Wellness Plans, where we assess the health of every member of your family, identify potential health risks, offer advise and counseling for a happy and healthy life.

Bring "LIFE" to Life

We don’t believe in just existing. Live every moment. At The Healers’, we are about giving the best of your health that you may live life to the fullest.

Let us manage your Health Calendar

We believe in continued care and regular follow-ups.  With our Health Care calendar program, we ensure that you won’t miss an appointment.

Your health and happiness is our Goal

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Essa Al Shamsi

Emirati Official

كان من دواعي السرور لنا كأسرة أن نتعامل مع مركز هيلرز كلينك

الطبي الذي قدم لنا افضل العناية الطبية بطرق طبيعة خالية من المواد الكيماوية والتي لاحظنا من خلال طرق علاجهم مدى التحسن السريع و الراحة النفسية والصحية التي حظينا بها.
ومن خلال تجربتنا الرائعة ننصح ونوجه كل من يعاني من مشاكل صحية أن يجرب مع مركز هيلرز كلينك الصحي وسيلاحظ الفرق الفوري في صحته .

مع أمنيات الشفاء العاجل للجميع

Cecilia Lawrence

Swedish mother of 3

“For everyone and anyone with any health concerns , or everyone and anyone who wants to invest in preventitive health care you MUST see my ” family” at The a Healers Clinic. So much wisdom within these walls. Huge respect for Dr Saya and Dr Hafeel. God bless this center..”

Aileen Stoddart

Owner - Coffee Shop Chain

Ayurveda & Homeopathy, are words you may not be familiar with, but you need to become more aware of what they mean ! Over three years ago, I was introduced to this unconventional medicine & therapy, I approached it with an open mind & I have never looked back ! Amazing doctors who will take care of your every need, go ahead & experience a new venture today !

Sehba Umar

Mother of 3 & Event Organizer

I am Sehba, a  regular visitor of Dr Saya and Dr Hafeel for almost 12 years now. My husband and my children have been seen by her and thanks to her homeopathic treatment,  we haven’t touched any allopathic medicines. She is my lifeline and has helped me in healing my body ,soul and mind. I am happy and very satisfied with the services given by Healers’ Clinic .

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Talks & Workshops

To ensure the greater spirit of family and community living, we conduct talks and workshops with brilliant Specialists in the fields of Ayurveda and Homeopathy. Not only will this allow for better understanding of the healing techniques, it is also a great networking platform for like-minded individuals.

Seasonal Programs

We offer season specific Health Care Programs using the know-how of Natural Medicine and the objective of keeping your body systems at equilibrium through out the year.

The ProAct Membership

With this Membership, you are enrolled for “tune-ups” through out the year. This involves periodic cleansing, diet care & regular assessments using a mélange of Ayurvedic wisdom, Homeopathic remedies, Yoga & the tech know-how of Western Medicine.

We offer several membership plans that offer this comprehensive care.

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