Are Some Foods Bad For Digestion When Combined?

Jul 07 2021

Our body usually transforms foods at various stages, as part of mastication, digestion and absorption. The body’s physiology is such that at different stages of processing foods, it is facilitated by physical movements and multiple types of enzymes and digestive juices. 

Based on the types of food, the effort of your digestive organs also very. For example, a bowl of rice cooked with lots of water is not the same as the Italian dish risotto. One is more of carbohydrates, and the other is heavier and smeared in fat and cheese.

Ayurveda helps us understand that few items should not be combined because the combinations themselves can be harmful or it may be difficult to digest. Below are some of the elements that shouldn’t generally be mixed.

Milk and fish can cause severe indigestion and food poisoning.

Meat, honey, sesame, jaggery, milk and black gram can damage sense organs.

Pigeon meat fried in mustard oil blocks blood circulation and can cause goitre.

Having milk after eating radish and garlic can lead to skin damages.

Mango and other source fruits can cause non-specific disorders.

Black gram and milk can cause non-specific diseases and indigestion.

Rice cooked in milk with a fermented drink leads to illness of Kappa type.

Honey mixed with an equal quantity of ghee may lead to non-specific disorders, and can have a poisonous effect.

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Are Some Foods Bad For Digestion When Combined?