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Are You Sleeping Enough?

Sep 20 2021

Are you sure about the quality of sleep you are getting?

While scientists are still working to identify and clarify all of the functions of sleep, decades of studies—many of which have used the method of disrupting sleep and examining the consequences—have confirmed that sleep is necessary for our healthy functioning and even survival.

According to David F. Dinges, It has become increasingly clear, however, that no matter how hectic our lives may be, we can no longer afford to ignore what research is telling us about the importance of sleep for our safety and mental and physical well-being.

Researchers claim that using a smartphone for longer times makes it difficult for users to fall asleep. It happens because of the bright light emitted by the device.

The situation is more intense among people who use their phones even after going to bed. In a way, they do not get proper sleep, which affects the entire cycle.

If you are not sleeping well or experiencing disturbed sleep patterns, it is high time you talk to someone who can help you set that right.

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Are You Sleeping Enough?