Ayurvedic Approach to Diet & Preventing Hair Loss

May 25 2021

Ayurveda considers hair and nails as by-products of metabolic activities, specific to bones and marrow. So anything that corrects and strengthens metabolic activities at this level should work for hair as well.

Vata (wind) and Pitta (fire) types of constitutions have a natural susceptibility to brittle hair, early greying, baldness and poor hair quality.

Environmental factors such as hot and harsh weather, dry winds and dry cold also affect hair quality. In the long run, the quality and temperature of the water along with the artificial agents of cleaning, smoothening, enriching and styling will also have an impact on your hair.

Coolant vegetables such as cucumber and all varieties of gourds and seasonal fruits like gooseberry, berries, avacado and annona should be included more often in your menu. Excessively acidic, salty and pungent foods and drinks must be avoided. This includes citrusy fruits unripe mango, acidic and carbonated drinks, spirits, fermented drinks, sauces and pickles.

If you have good digestion, sesame and its preparations, milk porridges, carefully prepared bone broth and soups will be beneficial. Almonds and coconuts and their derivatives should also help revitalise hair roots. Regular activities that keep your metabolism active and things that improve circulation on the scalp such as mild combing and massage will also be helpful.

Water used for washing hair should always be at room temperature. Never use hot water, chlorinated water or saltwater, Avoid the use of bleach and other chemicals for hair treatment. To get more information, reach out to us at +971 4 38 55677


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Ayurvedic Approach to Diet & Preventing Hair Loss