Changes You Can Make to Your Diet to Avoid 3 pm Slump

Jun 04 2021

There could be many reasons for an afternoon skipping breakfast and having a big meal for lunch is one of the common reasons. Like any other functional device, the human body requires fuel to function. Your digestive system needs the energy to process the food you eat. If you skip your breakfast and eat a heavy lunch, how will a system process this food? If your body is working on reserves it will function well for a while. But when it reaches a threshold, it starts giving you warning signals in the form of tiredness. Breakfast is named after breaking your fast following a long sleep. Your body expects some food in the morning hours, which intern gets converted into the fuel request function during the day.

Filling #breakfast with sufficient protein and a healthy snack between lunch and breakfast is the key for study energy levels during the day. Cheese, eggs, lean meat patties, milk, smoothies with milk and crushed nuts, traditional or ethnic breakfast with lentils can be part of your breakfast. Make sure your healthy snacks like a mix bowl of dried apricots, dried figs, dates, raisins, with some nuts and fresh fruits every day. You can also have a smoothie of avocado and papaya topped with nuts as a snack.

Avoid refined/starchy white-floor based lunch find out for a balanced meal with whole grain, which table and lean meat or fish in small portions. A large wheel requires more resources to process, which will make you tired. But small frequent meals help maintain study energy levels and study the release of glucose.

Another reason could be insulin resistance, where you’re producing excess insulin, which in turn in the early stages can cause hypoglycemia and sleepiness. The nitrate solution is frequent small hole some means and low glycemic foods, which means no cakes, no pastries, no pies, no muffins and no ice cream. You may require an appropriate treatment if you suspect insulin resistance.

At the Healers’ Clinic, we believe in analysing the body composition, track lifestyle, understand your activities before suggesting a tailored #diet plan. Reach out to us at +971 4 38 55677



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Changes You Can Make to Your Diet to Avoid 3 pm Slump