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Colon Hydrotherapy for Cancer Management

Aug 02 2023

According to reports, 90 percent of all maladies originate in the colon. A simple series of colon purification treatments can restore vitality, treat illnesses, and prevent disease. The health of your colon is intrinsically linked to your overall health and well-being, which is why Colon Therapy is so vital to the professionals at Healers’— and to our patients.

What is colonic irrigation?

Warm water is used to gently rinse the colon to remove encrusted feces, toxins, flatulence, and mucus. This facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients. Colon Therapy can also assist in rehydrating, toning, and reshaping the colon.

Colon Therapy entails the safe and mild infusion of purified water via the rectum into the colon. There are no chemicals or medications used, and the entire process is both relaxing and effective. A robust, well-functioning digestive tract is essential for maintaining optimal health. This vital organ continues to be the most disregarded in the human body.

Why is colon therapy advantageous?

Colon Therapy is particularly beneficial for cancer patients because it enhances circulatory functions, stimulates the immune system, eliminates toxic waste, stimulates appetite, eliminates migraines, and increases energy.

When we consume a nutrient-deficient diet (the American diet), waste accumulates in the colon, and the body absorbs these pollutants. The purification organs of the body, such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin, work tirelessly to eliminate waste. This can lead to numerous maladies.

What Can You Anticipate During Colon Therapy?

Colon hydrotherapy in Dubai at the Healers’ Clinic is mild, hygienic, and relaxing. You will be in a private room with a trained professional who fully comprehends the sensitivity of the procedure and is committed to your well-being throughout the entire procedure. Healers’ employs a closed-tube system that permits the water flow to be altered for each inflow or “fill.” Typically, water penetrates the colon at a rate of less than 0.5 psi (pounds per square inch). The speculum is inserted into the anus to enable water to flow into and out of the colon. The diameter of the speculum is approximately 3/4 inches. It is lubricated and gingerly inserted 1-2 inches into the anal canal after being lubricated. The water line connects to the equipment’s incoming water line, and the waste line connects to an illuminated glass viewing tube that permits observation of the refuse. After passing through the view tube, the waste exits the speculum into the disposable waste line and discharges directly into the sewer system.

Your approximately 45-minute therapy session at the Healers’ is optimized by the expert, light contact of your therapist. During your session, a comprehensive range of massage and touch techniques, including reflexology, acupressure, polarity, and mild abdominal massage, are used to assist your colon in eliminating as much waste and toxins as possible.

Colon therapy: Is it safe?

Colon Therapy is extremely secure when administered by a trained therapist. Before entering the colon, the water undergoes an advanced filtration process and is only used with apparatus that has been sterilized or is disposable. If you are looking for an experienced practitioner for Colon hydrotherapy in Dubai to avoid any problems, Contact The Healers’ Clinic now at +971 4 38 55677!

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Colon Hydrotherapy for Cancer Management