Fuel your OJAS

Feb 13 2021

True vitality, from an Ayurvedic perspective, says that there are several layers that make up the human body, that is responsible for the state of immunity. Each layer feeds the next & determines the immunity levels of the body. This in totality, is known as Ojas.

Ojas is a Sanskrit word which means “inner vitality” or “vigor”. Excellent Ojas comes from consistent seasonal practices that honor Ayurvedic principles for sustainable health & longevity. By adjusting our diet according to seasonal routines & needs of the body, as well as by following Ayurvedic treatments that aid in seasonal transitions, the ill effects of an improper lifestyle & build-up of toxins within the body can be avoided.

Ayurveda is also steeped in the principles of mental health & its effects on the body. This is why connoisseurs of Ayurveda believe in Yoga, its calming effects on the mind, & healing effects on the body. Negative emotions are believed to weaken immunity. When coupled with exposure to modern-day living & genetic predispositions, the body finds it hard to fight back without the right supplements, in the form of food, fresh air, & mental peace. Yoga helps in the harmonization of the body by using asanas, breathing techniques, & meditation thus enhancing well being.

While mental health is largely left to the nature of the individual, what can be controlled is what is fed to the body. This is where Ayurvedic diet comes in.

Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurveda advises the consumption of meals that are easy to digest & are at room temperature. Individual body types require foods individually suited to them. They should neither be overcooked nor raw. This ensures that all nutrition is easily absorbed by the body. The foods normally considered safe to be consumed raw – are fruits, as they ripen naturally. Cereals, legumes, low-fat organic dairy products, are all immunity boosters & easy on the digestive system. Leafy greens are another staple in an Ayurvedic diet. These are powerful immunity boosters & provide calcium, iron, & other nutrients that help cleanse the bowels, contain antioxidants & flavonoids that boost & stimulate the body’s immunity.

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The Healers’ Clinic Dubai is an integrative clinic with its philosophy deeply embedded in preventative health care. Its philosophies are influenced by traditional medicines, ancient wisdom and local health cultures which are time-tested. The Healers’ is the one of its kind in the region where the eastern wisdom is meeting the western science, facilitating a fast and effective route in the maintenance of your health.

We recognise that every client is different and is endowed with a constitution that is unique to the individual; our regimens are therefore customized for each guest. A natural result of this is that we give personalized attention to the minutest detail, and address the subtlest of needs of each client, in order to facilitate fundamental improvements in health condition and achieve overall wellbeing for our guests. Quality, efficacy and customer satisfaction are spontaneous outcomes of this.

The Healers’ Clinic offers a wide range of customized services that cover aspects of health maintenance, cleansing, rejuvenation and healing. You will find the best of General Medicine, Homeopathy and Traditional Medicine which are effectively combined for fast and effective results.

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Fuel your OJAS