Ayurvedic diet tips


WHAT CHILD-FRIENDLY FOODS CAN I INTRODUCE TO MY KIDS IF I WANT THEM TO FOLLOW AN AYURVEDIC APPROACH TO EATING? That is a tough question to answer and every parent wants an answer to this puzzle. we asked our Founder and Mentor – Dr Hafeel to guide us. This is a part of #HealersVoice series […]

The magical Ayurvedic diet

Is there a magical diet that we can follow to be fit, slim and energetic? Alas, there isn’t a single universal diet that is good for everyone. But there are some common principles we can use to suit your body type. When I say body type, I am referring to the whole of what your […]

Nutrition done right

Ayurveda advises the consumption of meals that are easy to digest and are at room temperature. Individual body types require foods individually suited to them. They should neither be overcooked nor raw. This ensures that all nutrition is easily absorbed by the body. The foods normally considered safe to be consumed raw – are fruits, […]

Fuel your OJAS

True vitality, from an Ayurvedic perspective, says that there are several layers that make up the human body, that is responsible for the state of immunity. Each layer feeds the next & determines the immunity levels of the body. This in totality, is known as Ojas. Ojas is a Sanskrit word which means “inner vitality” […]

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Fuel your OJAS