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Homeopathy a Therapeutic Method of Healing

Oct 23 2023

Homeopathy is a therapeutic science founded by a German conventional doctor Dr.Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century. He was dissatisfied by the then crude form of conventional treatments which led him to discover a new therapeutic system, where natural medicines used the world over, were prepared in a peculiar manner of potentisation, where the actual drug substance was highly diluted & succussed, thereby removing all the toxic elements of the drugs yet preserving the healing quality. This potentized preparation was used in sub-minimal doses based on a natural law of cure, put forward by Dr. Hahnemann, “Similia similibus curentur” – which states “Like cures Likes”. 

Dr. Hahnemann also set forth principles of practice and logically and philosophically reasoned it with his experiences with this new system of medicine. These principles of practice which are often referred to as the cornerstone of homeopathic practice are compiled in a book called ‘Organon of Medicine’. He also identified 3 ‘miasms’ (constitutions) predominantly found in patients as psora, syphilis, and sycosis. He refined these principles of practice several times during his lifetime. Later several renowned practitioners took this system through various levels of practice but the essence remained the same.

Homeopathy in Dubai is found to be effective in almost all kinds of physical and mental illnesses. It is successfully used in all age groups from infants to old age. It is so gentle in its administration, (usually a few medicated pellets or in water), that even children usually accept it without any fuss. Because of its unique preparation method, it is devoid of any harmful side effects and is absolutely safe to use even in pregnancy. The healers’ clinical practice gives the highest emphasis to the first 4 aphorisms of Organon of Medicine of homeopathy.

The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.

The highest ideal of cure is a rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in diseases, that is to say, in every individual case of disease (knowledge of disease, indication), if he clearly perceives what is curative in medicines, that is to say, in each individual medicine (knowledge of medical powers), and if he knows how to adapt, according to clearly defined principles, what is curative in medicines to what he has discovered to be undoubtedly morbid in the patient, so that the recovery must ensue – to adapt it, as well in respect to the suitability of the medicine most appropriate according to its mode of action to the case before him (choice of the remedy, the medicine indicated), as also in respect to the exact mode of preparation and quantity of it required (proper dose), and the proper period for repeating the dose; – if, finally, he knows the obstacles to recovery in each case and is aware how to remove them, so that the restoration may be permanent, then he understands how to treat judiciously and rationally, and he is a true practitioner of the healing art . He is likewise a preserver of health if he knows the things that derange health and cause disease, and how to remove them from persons in health.

At The Healers’ we practice Clinical Homeopathy. Clinical homeopathy is the approach that diagnoses and understands the patient clinically and prescribes homeopathic remedies by clinical evaluation of the condition of the patient. We use nonlinear health screening to understand patients’ whole body health status before arriving at a prescription. At The Healers’, our practitioners of healing art are excellent clinicians and see all systems of natural medicines as powerful tools to help patients. They evaluate the patient clinically and carefully choose medicines that could help those patients. They also understand what could be the obstacles to curing and maintaining causes and contributing causes and administer measures to remove them well.  

Healers outlook into management of chronic ailments.

Almost everyone who is seen for holistic care is suffering from one or other chronic conditions and tiredness, for which conventional medicine doesn’t have a magic pill to offer.

The primary cause of any form of chronic ailments is the overload of toxins accumulated in the body through the food we ingest, drinks we take, and air we breathe. The liver is the main filter of our body which is supposed to remove toxins. Most often it is found to be overworked and tired and insufficient to perform its functions, leading to the accumulation of toxins.

The form of chronic ailment each person suffers from depends on the inherent weaknesses each person is born with. Almost always digestion, assimilation & excretion are compromised leading to the accumulation of toxins and disruption of metabolism at the cellular level. This will lead to an imbalance in the immune system making it weak and unable to safeguard the body and initiate disruptions within the body. The disrupted metabolism also impacts the hormonal centers in general. The liver is the filter of our body which is supposed to remove the toxins. Most often it is found to be overworked and tired and insufficient to perform its functions, leading to the accumulation of toxins. 

The Healers’ encompasses a broad spectrum of elements along with clinical homeopathy to restore optimum health & core strength. We have time-tested, proven methods & protocols for cleansing your body of toxins and achieving a near-optimal function for the liver, colon, kidney & spleen and thereby removing the obstacles to cure. This is coupled with a carefully chosen prescription & diet advice & vitamin therapy. Hence it is a well-proven method for detox and rejuvenation in preventive care for those who are seeking optimal health & vitality as well.

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Homeopathy a Therapeutic Method of Healing