Improve Your Health with Colon Hydrotherapy

Dec 03 2021

Rinsing your colon may not sound very appealing but it has various advantages which include improved digestion through elimination of various digestive disorders. Of course, it should be handled with caution, as with other lifestyle decisions and with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the possible consequences.

Colon hydrotherapy is also referred to as colon cleansing or colon irrigation. It involves introduction of safe and temperature-controlled water to remove waste from the intestine. The colon picks up fluids and electrolytes from the excrement flowing across the system. Microbials within the colon degrade the leftover substances that leave the system via the rectum. Colon hydrotherapy cleans and irrigates the colon and the Organisation of Licensed Colorectal Hydro therapists describes the procedure as easy, safe and effective, provided it is administered by skilled and experienced medical professionals. Colon hydrotherapy, is also a cost-effective way towards improving overall health and wellbeing.

Colon Hydrotherapy in Dubai


Why Do We Do Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is known to boost digestive health. It is a therapeutic method of cleaning the intestines using safe and temperature controlled water and it removes accumulated waste. This in turn, enhances nutritional absorption, eliminates dangerous bacteria and leaves you feeling lighter, cleaner and rejuvenated. It also assists your gut in returning to a healthy state. Long periods of bowel movement disorders, gas, bloating, cramps and other such issues may lead to incapability of adequate functioning.

Advantages of Colon Cleansing

Although there are several documented advantages, the outcome of this therapy may vary from person to person. This therapeutic procedure is being studied, to fully grasp its effects.

Enhances focus and energy – What you eat impacts your physical and emotional wellbeing. Your attention span may weaken if your gut is incapable of absorbing the essentials from the food you eat.

Incorrect or poor diet leads to reduced energy levels. Colon hydrotherapy or colorectal hydrotherapy cleans the system and assists in processing of the micronutrients.

It strengthens the system which results in an increase in focus and vitality.

Contributes to an improvement in digestion – Whenever waste accumulates within the system, constipation is experienced, which interferes with digestion.

Colon cleanse removes waste, which enhances absorption of nutrients. It also enhances the intestine’s functionality.

Healthy intestinal bacteria are good for colorectal health – To function well, the system needs good bacteria, often referred to as gut flora. However, consumption of unhealthy food leads to

an increase in harmful microbes and the beneficial bacteria are outnumbered. Colon hydrotherapy rinses out the harmful bacteria and allows the good bacteria to support and restore the body’s natural balance.

Assists in detoxification – Our system is capable of detoxifying itself but poor lifestyle choices coupled with external toxic substances overburden this natural process. It then gets difficult for the body to eliminate them, without any assistance. Pollutants, parasites, mucus, gas etc can all be flushed out via colon cleansing.

Assists in losing weight – A colon cleanse flushes out accumulated waste from the gut. It enables you to start fresh and develop healthy eating habits like consumption of high-fiber meals which aid the excretion process. Beneficial bacteria in the gut boost energy and stamina levels, causing you to experience a boost in energy and rejuvenation.

colon therapy in Dubai



Apart from colon cleansing and colon irrigation, other forms of treatments are available which promise to provide comparable advantages via dietary supplements. These may be in the form of pills, powders or beverages and may contain plant fibers or organic laxatives. Take your time to read and understand instructions and consult your physician on the substances.

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Improve Your Health with Colon Hydrotherapy