Holistic post-natal therapy for you and your baby

Aug 09 2022

To regain strength, vigor, and vitality, new mothers need extra care, which aims at balancing hormonal changes and relieving post-natal distress. Ayurvedic therapies help overcome postnatal complexities and lead to relaxation. Your baby is as important as you are and like you, deserves the best traditional and customized treatments to help strengthen, nourish, and grow.

Benefits of post-natal care

  • Relaxes and rejuvenates
  • Relieves tension, stress, or post-natal blues
  • Tightens the abdominal muscles
  • Helps in healthy uterine, pelvic, and abdominal involution
  • Relieves back ache
  • Helps strengthen the back

Please note that treatments or therapies at The Healers’ Clinic are supervised and/or administered by highly experienced medical professionals.

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Holistic post-natal therapy for you and your baby