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Runner’s Knee Joint Pain and How To Overcome It Through Exercise

Aug 17 2023

Runner’s Knee is quite a common condition that is seen to affect even fast walkers and treadmill-lovers along with athletes, especially runners. Symptoms are pain in the front region of the knee or the knee cap, spreading around and to the back of the knee. The condition which may or may not be associated with a former injury, starts with discomfort or tenderness in the affected area, and graduates to pain or severe pain, affecting mobility which is why the Healers Clinic provides knee joint pain treatment in Dubai.

The primary symptom is aching pain, the pain may increase or worsen with any physical activity including walking, climbing down, running, squatting or even sitting for too long.

Visible symptoms may include swelling which makes the area sensitive to touch.

A cracking sound or a popping sensation has been observed to have been experienced by those who suffer from the Runner’s Knee. This typically is experienced while trying to get back up on the feet or trying to sit and sometimes even when simply moving the leg.

Causes may include a few or all of the ones listed below:

  • Excessive exercise without adequate warm-up, cool down or sufficient rest
  • Overuse of the knee or repetitive stress on the knee joint
  • Incorrect or unguided physical training exercises
  • Incorrect posture while standing or walking
  • Weak or weakening muscles around the knee which affect the alignment and movement of the ‘free’ knee-cap
  • Flat feet or too much inward rolling of the foot while walking or running, as these too place stress on the knee joint
  • Trauma or injury to the knee region
  • Bad footwear which increases impact on the knee while walking, running or any physical activity involving the knee

The Runner’s Knee could be temporarily relieved with rest and ice packs. This may reduce pain and inflammation, if any. Physiotherapy is known to identify muscular imbalances and assisted stretching under the expert hands of a good physiotherapist is known to strengthen the affected muscles, promoting better alignment thus reducing the stress on the knee-cap.

It is important that return to normal activity should be under medically supervised conditions and it should be gradual so as to avoid recurrence or stress on the muscles or the knee joint.

Wearing good quality footwear as well as appropriate footwear, such as walking shoes for walking and running ones for running, is highly advisable. And wearing shoe inserts may help those with flat feet.

High-impact physical activities could be avoided and exercises to improve upon strength and flexibility could be continued under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

Over-the-counter medications including anti-inflammatory drugs may provide temporary relief but it is important to remember that relief is not a cure.

Exercises that are known to help better the condition include:

    1. The quadriceps stretch can be done anywhere while in an upright or standing position and is known to improve flexibility
    2. The hip flexor stretch helps improve the flexibility of the hip and reduces stress in the hip area.
    3. Straight leg raise which helps strengthen the quadriceps, and improves stability, engaging the core muscles.
    4. The hamstring stretch lowers tension in the muscles at the back of the thighs and improves flexibility.
    5. The step-up, which involves stepping up and down a raised surface, exercises and strengthens the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

Remember that stretching should never cause pain. If you experience pain while stretching, it means you are doing it wrong. Although you could do it all by yourself, engaging in this activity under the guidance of a certified fitness trainer or better still a Physiotherapist who is a medical professional is highly advisable.

The Healers’ Clinic holds a holistic and pluralistic approach to health and knee joint pain treatment in Dubai, an integration of traditional healing methodologies and the modern. The physiotherapists at The Healers are experts not just in physiotherapy, sports medicine and assisted stretching but in treatments involving traditional massage therapies as well, using medicinal herbs and oils.

Ayur-Physio, a seamless blend of Ayurveda and Physiotherapy, is a unique offering of The Healers’ which has helped countless individuals, in overcoming a variety of musculoskeletal disorders and regaining and sustaining their strength and stability.

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Runner’s Knee Joint Pain and How To Overcome It Through Exercise