Steps to better health

Feb 08 2021

Did you know walking can be really beneficial for your health? Here are a few benefits of walking that might motivate you

1. Walking for just 30-40 mins per day can increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve the strength of your bones, help lose weight and reduce the risks of heart problems and other lifestyle diseases.

2. If you are stressed out and need to reduce your anxiety, scientists recommend going for a walk. You can actually get off the negative energy by walking and boost your self-esteem. Try walking 3 days a week at least to get the best benefits for your mental health

3. Walking can be a great benefit for your cognitive abilities as it helps improving your eyesight, hearing abilities, alertness and quickens your reaction time.

4. Walking also imprves the clarity of thought and when you sweat out you improve your emotional state and aid your social skills.

5. Walking helps release sweat, activates endorphin generating parts in your body and helps you wind down and detox.

To get the maximum benefits out of your walking regimen, practice breathing techniques based on the yogic recommendations. Switching to a healthy diet also increases your physical health. To undersand how your body can benefit from the right form of diet, excercise and detoxing talk to your health expert today or give us a call to know more.

The Healers’ Clinic functions on a deeply established and time-tested philosophy of preventive and therapeutic health care systems which date back several centuries.

Incorporating approaches from Asia, Europe and various other parts of the globe, The Healers’ choose a course of treatment best suited to your individual needs and systematically tailored to your lifestyle, while giving inputs on mandatory changes needed.

Talk to our team of Healers today to understand more about how you can change your lifestyle to a fitter, healthier YOU.

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The Healers’ Clinic Dubai is an integrative clinic with its philosophy deeply embedded in preventative health care. Its philosophies are influenced by traditional medicines, ancient wisdom and local health cultures which are time-tested. The Healers’ is the one of its kind in the region where the eastern wisdom is meeting the western science, facilitating a fast and effective route in the maintenance of your health.

We recognise that every client is different and is endowed with a constitution that is unique to the individual; our regimens are therefore customized for each guest. A natural result of this is that we give personalized attention to the minutest detail, and address the subtlest of needs of each client, in order to facilitate fundamental improvements in health condition and achieve overall wellbeing for our guests. Quality, efficacy and customer satisfaction are spontaneous outcomes of this.

The Healers’ Clinic offers a wide range of customized services that cover aspects of health maintenance, cleansing, rejuvenation and healing. You will find the best of General Medicine, Homeopathy and Traditional Medicine which are effectively combined for fast and effective results.

For rejuvenating holistic healthcare, call us today.

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Steps to better health