Mental health and you

A Journey Towards The Best Version Of Yourself

Your journey with The Healers’ is a guided tour on the path towards the betterment of the self. We offer sustainable methods of improvement that help you detox and evolve into the best version of yourself. Here are some quick tips to help you on this journey. Yoga and breath-work- The benefits of yoga and […]

Tips to Beat Stress

Exercise: Exercise can help you combat stress by reducing stress hormones, releasing endorphins. It also allows you to sleep for a long time, eliminating anxiety. Eating healthy food helps your body stay fit and reduces anxiety and stress. Eat foods rich in are omega-3 fatty acids. Try herbal tea with Ashwagandha. Spend time with nature. […]

Let’s fight Stress

Mental uneasiness and anxiety can happen due to stress-triggering behavioural or biological adaptation. Stress not only makes us feel emotional but also gives rise to many other health issues. With the current havoc due to corona, most of us are facing health issues are mainly because of stress. Let us see how we are getting […]

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Let’s fight Stress