The Six Rasas (tastes) In Your Meal

Jun 07 2021

The body is a reflection of nature and it is built on the same elements as the environment. This means you will find the same elements in the food you consume. The five elements of nature are earth, water, fire, wind and ether.

Ayurveda interprets the properties of food through parameters such as taste (rasa), potency (virya), post-digestive property (vipaka) and quality (guna). Taste affects the other parameters in most cases.

Sweetness (madura), sourness (alma), saltiness (lavana), pungency (katu), bitterness (tikka) and astringent (kashaya) are the six tastes explain by Ayurveda.

In the case of sweetness, it does not necessarily mean sugar. Instead, sugar is one of the substances that has sweetness in it. Mango, rice and dates all contain sweetness as a rasa.

Ayurveda promotes a balanced healthy eating plan for optimum health. Sugar, especially natural sources, which includes rice and dates, can be consumed in moderation. However, anything in excess causes health issues. In moderation, natural and unprocessed sources of sugar have benefits such as building muscles, fat, bone marrow and immunity. In excess, it creates disorder status obesity, sleepiness, shortness of breath and disorders of the blood vessels and urinary system.

Likewise, sourness is made of fire and earth. It strengthens the sense organs and digestion and protects the heart. In excess, sourness causes inflammatory disorders, blood disorders, oedema and many more disorders.

In large quantities, salt provokes wind and fire in the body and creates numerous disorders. It is one of the rasas that causes premature ageing and hair loss. Saltiness also overpowers all other tastes.

Understanding tastes and their effects is important for disease prevention and it is one of the most important basic principles of healthy living in Ayurveda.

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The Six Rasas (tastes) In Your Meal