Tips To Stop Nails from Becoming Brittle

Jun 03 2021

If your nails have become brittle and they peel or chip easily, here is what you should be eating to make them strong.

Brittle nails could be a short-term phenomenon or a long-lasting reflection of internal disease. The condition has been associated with iron deficiency and thyroid or kidney imbalances.

Splitting or pitting has been connected to psoriasis. Low levels of vitamin C and folic acid can also bring about such changes in nails.

Anaemia, thyroid imbalances, underlying disorders such as lichen planus (an inflammatory condition that affects skin, hair and nails) and psoriasis need to be ruled out.

We suggest you include rich sources of vitamin B, calcium and zinc in your diet. You should also massage your hands and feet as part of your daily preventive care. You may use simple moisturisers or any suitable body oils of a natural source.

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Tips To Stop Nails from Becoming Brittle