What Changes Can I Make to My Diet To Stay Cool This Summer?

Jun 02 2021

During summer, I would recommend sweet, cold, liquid and softly prepared fatty foods and drinks. Seasonal vegetables that are water-rich and organic fruits of the gourd variety such as cucumbers and melons are also suitable.

Summer is also the season to enjoy the crunchy freshness of watery vegetables. Loosely prepared porridges or arrowroot, millet and banana powder can be served to children and adults alike. They can also be utilised as natural sweeteners in cold drinks.

Dairy products, especially buttermilk, softly cooked rice and cold and naturally sweet drinks are advised during the daytime.

Physical exertion, alcohol and salted, sour, pungent and hot food are best avoided.

At the Healers’ Clinic, we believe in analysing the body composition, track lifestyle, understand your activities before suggesting a tailored diet plan.

PS: Did you know, thanks to modern technologies we have at our disposal, we can now analyse the composition of a person’s gut and see which changes to diet can benefit her? Reach out to us at +971 4 38 55677


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What Changes Can I Make to My Diet To Stay Cool This Summer?