What you should eat this summer?

Mar 01 2021

Summer days can leave you tired and exhausted, more than usual, and very fast. While it is necessary to drink a lot of water to deal with common summer problems, such as dehydration and heatstroke, doctors say it is also good to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet consisting of vegetables and fruits will help you cope up with the scorching heat of summer.

Here are five things you should have this summer, to stay healthy, keep your mind and body cool.


Seasonal fruits are always the best. And how can someone ever miss the Indian fruit king – Mango! Mango is among the juiciest, tastiest fruits. But apart from being a treat to the taste buds, it is also good for your health. Unripe mangoes, however, are said to have more health benefits than ripe ones. It prevents heatstroke & also helps to recover exhaustion.


Buttermilk is rich in calcium, carbohydrates & proteins. The fat content of this beverage is low. The presence of lactic acid makes it an even better immunity booster. But that’s not all. Buttermilk is beneficial for your bones, muscles, and skin. Apart from that, it promotes healthy weight loss, fights heart diseases and diabetes.


Known as the queen of spices, cardamom has numerous health benefits. It is often used along with other medicinal-spices to help with vomiting and nausea. Researches are trying to find out if this spice can help in curing ulcer – as it has properties present in it that helps in curing stomach issues.


Another juicy seasonal fruit. Melons not only help to preventdehydration but also promote weight loss, control high blood pressure, common cold, flu, and even cancer. Also, the food choices for melon are quite vast. You can make smoothies, or use them in salads or just cut and pop them in your mouth.


We all know that yoghurt has high calcium content, is beneficial for your bones and teeth. But it is also great for your digestive system. Low-fat yoghurt can also help you in your weight loss journey. It also helps to deal with allergies, rashes and soothe irritated skin.

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What you should eat this summer?