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Non-linear Health Screening

The Healers’ uses an FDA approved Metatron device which is a health screening system with world-class software. The screening process itself takes less than an hour where you relax on a comfortable couch with something like headphones on, at the end of which, we would have captured enough information on your body. Key features of […]

Restoring Balance

Three pillars – The foundations of good health include a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and a balanced lifestyle. The Gut-Brain Axis is a new frontier in neuroscience acknowledging the link between mental health and gut microbiota. In Ayurveda managing digestive and metabolic fire is the starting point to attain Dosha balance for mental and physical […]


Eating healthily is the cornerstone of your health. Health�ier eating depends on the quality of your digestion and ac�quaintance. Ayurveda gives great importance to the measure and quality of your digestion: A good digestion is the pil� lar of your immunity. Ayurveda recommends simple foods, cooked and warm unless fruits. Being light and nutritious is […]

Awaken The Yogi In You

With the growing importance of being fit – physical, mental and spiritual, the world is looking to ancient practices of good health. Yoga is among the safest and one of the most ancient solutions available. Yoga, the science of exercise which symbolizes the union of the mind and the body was the gift of Rishi […]


Each person is endowed with a unique constitution – much like a fingerprint. Our treatments are no different – they are customized to your individual needs. Our care is personalized, paying special attention to the minutest of details and the subtlest of your needs. Your path is replete with challenges on an everyday basis. We […]

Vitamin Infusion De-stress. Energize. Rejuvenate

Vitamin Infusions are the safest and the most natural way of providing you with a healthy lifestyle along with the additional benefits of improved skin, hair, youthfulness, vitality and rejuvenation. A wide variety of custom-made infusions that help as energy boosters, immunity boosters, stress relievers and hydrate and detoxify you – make life easier, healthier […]

Colon Cleansing – Good or Bad

Our body needs occasional cleansing. Colon #cleansing is a procedure that helps address irregular bowel movement, indigestion, constipation and even weight loss by removing toxins from the colon. However, this procedure can have an adverse effect if not done correctly. What is Colon Cleansing? Colon cleansing, also known as colonic, #colon irrigation, colon #hydrotherapy, is […]

10 fun things you can do in Jumeirah

If your soul has grown tired of the long office hours and yearn for a holiday, then you are in good luck today. Jumeirah is among those few holiday destinations that come packed with everything that your heart desires. When confused amongst city, beach and desert, Jumeirah is at your rescue. Located in the capital […]

The psychological effect of serious illness

When we fall sick, we know our body takes a toll. But do you know we also suffer from trauma? Most of the times, we do not consider this aspect when we see people suffering from serious illnesses. Whenever a person is diagnosed with a grave sickness, undergoes surgery or suffers an injury, it has […]

A day at The Healers’ Clinic

Do you want to know what happens at the Healers’ Clinic? We are super excited to be featured on Cecilia’s THE EQUILIBRIUM BLOG. When a patient comes to see you at the Healers you always offer quite unique an in-depth evaluation of a patient’s overall health situation. Can you tell us a bit more about […]

Simple ways to prevent colon problems

While not many discuss this in the open, many people start experiencing colon and digestive problems as they edge to the late forties. How do we ensure we have a healthy colon, and how can we prevent any difficulties that might crop up later? We have a simple set of things you can do. Let […]

The Perfect Unison of Mind, Body, Soul, and Senses

What if I say, to be truly healthy, you need to have a harmonic function of your body, mind, soul and senses? In Ayurveda, you are truly healthy when everything in your body works together cohesively. Only then can you have a happy life. A skillful Ayurvedic practitioner can determine one’s doshas and Prakriti. A […]

Problems from technology overdose

Technology has made it easier for a lot of people to work smoothly from anywhere. But it also has some adverse effects as today’s youth has become addicted to smartphones and other gadgets. As a result, they hardly step out to play any outdoor activities. Most of the time, they are with the phone or […]

What you should eat this summer?

Summer days can leave you tired and exhausted, more than usual, and very fast. While it is necessary to drink a lot of water to deal with common summer problems, such as dehydration and heatstroke, doctors say it is also good to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet consisting of vegetables and fruits will […]

Tips to improve gut bacteria

Our gut biome can be improved in several ways, helping us maintain better health. Some traditional medicine systems believe that gut health is directly linked to the health of the entire body! It is in our best interest to take care of these little microbiomes who strive to keep us fit. Here are some ways […]

Importance of getting screened

Convalescence is the period from when a person falls sick to when she can resume her usual fulltime activity. A study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics examined over six lakh patients who underwent surgeries or had a short stay at the hospitals to understand the average time needed for convalescing.  Though the […]

A holistic approach to healing

A holistic approach to healing Do you know what is the secret of our successes in helping people live a healthy life and get fit? It s our approach to holism as a solution to the many problems we face. As individuals, we are often tempted to seek the quick-fix solution and not the long […]

It is time for #SELFCARE

The definition of health – the comprehensive definition of Ayurveda “Samadoşa samāgni ca sama dhātu malakriyahPrasanna ātma indriya manah svastha iti abhidhīyate” Understanding the real definition of health in Ayurvedic terms would remain incomplete if the aforementioned stanza isn’t considered. An implication of one’s journey towards true health in Ayurveda holds immense prominence in Ayurveda. […]

Why we should look beyond symptoms

When most of us see the symptoms in our health, we quickly resort to doctors instantly as we find solace in consulting Dr. Google. While Google might be a good way to understand how things work, it is ill-advised to consult it for the medical diagnosis. It is very critical to understand that some of […]

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Why we should look beyond symptoms