Immunity Boosting Food

Apr 21 2021

Cook your food with immunity-boosting spices such as cumin, fennel, coriander, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. Garlic, which is one of the most commonly available herbs is known to treat numerous health-related issues. It has antimicrobial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding a clove of garlic to your daily diet can help boost your immune system tremendously. It is also known to reduce the risk of heart attacks and improves mental health. Ginger is another common herb known to add flavor but comes packed with great health benefits.

Rather than the disease, Ayurveda sees a lack of balance within different aspects of our body as the real problem that needs to be addressed. This is a more subtle approach to health, but one which promises fewer side-effects and one which is gaining greater understanding and acceptance.

While all herbal preparations help improve balance in our body, an Ayurvedic practitioner will first aim at detecting where the underlying imbalances are and what their nature is. Through dietary, seasonal, and lifestyle advice, as well as through specific herbal preparations, the practitioner will then aim at improving balance and supporting immunity by boosting natural resistance. Perfect health is the ultimate aim of all Ayurvedic strategies and this will be gained when body, mind, and consciousness are fully developed and attuned.

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The Healers’ Clinic Dubai is an integrative clinic with its philosophy deeply embedded in preventative health care. Its philosophies are influenced by traditional medicines, ancient wisdom and local health cultures which are time-tested. The Healers’ is the one of its kind in the region where the eastern wisdom is meeting the western science, facilitating a fast and effective route in the maintenance of your health.

We recognise that every client is different and is endowed with a constitution that is unique to the individual; our regimens are therefore customized for each guest. A natural result of this is that we give personalized attention to the minutest detail, and address the subtlest of needs of each client, in order to facilitate fundamental improvements in health condition and achieve overall wellbeing for our guests. Quality, efficacy and customer satisfaction are spontaneous outcomes of this.

The Healers’ Clinic offers a wide range of customized services that cover aspects of health maintenance, cleansing, rejuvenation and healing. You will find the best of General Medicine, Homeopathy and Traditional Medicine which are effectively combined for fast and effective results.

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Immunity Boosting Food