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Transformation Tales with The Healers’ Clinic: Episode 3

Apr 28 2023

Ms. Amrika Bhogaita had been dealing with a health problem for some time, and despite making numerous trips to see various doctors and other medical professionals for insomnia treatment in Dubai, she had not been able to find relief. She was angry and felt helpless, so she chose to visit The Healers’ Clinic without knowing what to expect. As soon as she walked in, she was welcomed with warmth and kindness, and for the first time in her life, she had the sense that she was being heard and understood.

The physicians at The Healers’ addressed Ms. Amrika’s concern. Dr. Saya and Dr. Hafeel took the time to listen to her and then explain their holistic and integrative methodology for constipation treatment. Ms. Amrika started with a cleanse program which lasted four weeks. She discovered that the clinic had the feel of home, motivating her to continue with the program. Everyone who worked at the facility, from Maya at the front desk to the complete team including therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, and yoga instructors – all were committed to assisting her in her recovery and making her feel better.

Ms. Amrika’s experience at The Healers’ Clinic resulted in a weight loss of almost 8 kilograms, and she was overjoyed with how things turned out. She reported that she has more energy now than ever, that her complexion is glowing, and that she feels much younger. She spoke from experience when she said that the care and professionalism she received at The Healers’ Clinic were of the highest caliber. She gives the clinic her highest recommendation to anyone with trouble with their health. Ms. Amrika is thankful for the incredible effort, commitment, and care that the entire team at The Healers’ Clinic has provided her with.

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Transformation Tales with The Healers’ Clinic: Episode 3